Our Philosophy

When providing our services, these are some basic principles we strive for.

Tax Preparation

  • File a complete and accurate tax return
  • Save money on taxes wherever possible
  • Inform you of ways to be proactive in tax savings moving forward
  • Inform you or ways to document your deductions to protect you in case of an audit
  • Complete our service in a reasonable amount of time
  • Be friendly, easy going and easy to work with

Business Books

  • Ask questions so we can better understand our clients business
  • Be up front with expectations and pricing
  • develop a financial system that works for you
  • Meet with you regularly to review financial reports, record keeping, goals, ect.
  • Advise you on best business practices
  • Inform you of ways to save money when available
  • Be available for questions or advise
  • Be friendly, easy going and easy to work with

IRS Problem Solving

  • Ask appropriate questions so we can better understand your situation and explore all available resolution options
  • Give you a clear understanding on what happened and how you ended up under the IRS radar
  • Get a good understanding of your personal financial situation as this plays a heavy role in the resolution options available to you
  • Explain the process in detail giving you full insight on timing, requirements, options, best case/worst case scenarios and likely hood of achieving desired results.
  • After reviewing all documentation available to us, based off of our experience, giving our recommendation for a path to solving the problem.
  • Keeping you up to date and informed along the way
  • Being friendly, understanding, and easy to work with

Pledge to Our Clients

The Undersigned owner and all members of The Dubrow Group, CPA’s are guided by the highest principles and ideals in our relationship with our clients. As clients ourselves at one time or another, each of us has experienced the dissatisfaction of bad service, discourteous treatment, unexplained delays and disinterested unresponsiveness.

We, therefore, are firmly committed to nurturing an environment at The Dubrow Group, CPA’s in which clients are treated with respect they deserve and are valued and appreciated. This is truly the way any business should be run and we pledge to consistently deliver our very best.

What follow, are the principles that guide us in our associations with our clients – a customer “Bill of Rights” that our clients can expect us to live by. We, in turn, expect to be held accountable whenever any client is denied any of these rights.

As our client, you are entitled:

  • To the friendly, honest and respectful treatment that all real, feeling individual human beings DESERVE
  • To full VALUE for your money. When you retain our services you should feel that the services delivered are exactly as they were represented to you.
  • To a COMPLETE guarantee of satisfaction. As our client, you are our top priority. We are in business to serve YOU.
  • To a fun, exciting and memorable EXPERIENCE with us so you will become our client for life.
  • To service. In the event of a delay, you will receive immediate notification, along with an honest estimate of expected completion.
  • To speedy, courteous, knowledgeable to your questions and to the privilege of a quick resolution to concerns you may have.

As a client, you are entitled to be treated exactly as we want to be treated when we are someone else’s client.

Skylar Dubrow, CPA

President & Owner