Tax Preparation

More About Our Tax Preparation Service

Starting at $530


Step 1

Starts with our clients sending us all of their “official tax documents” (W2s, 1099’s, ect) along with our 2 page client organizer/ questionnaire. If you’re a new client, we’ll need to see your prior year return as well, so please send that over or drop it off.


Step 2

Don’t worry if you are unsure or have questions, we will discuss it all before finalizing.


Step 3

After our CPA reviews your prior years return, tax forms and questionnaire, they will call you to take more of a deep dive into your tax life to uncover any hidde deductions or items that need attention.


Step 4

We will also give you our best practices advice for moving forward should we see fit.


Step 5

Once we have determined that all income & deductions have been accounted for,we will finish preparing your return. Once completed, although not necessary, we recommend going over your return in detail with you (Unlike most firms who hand you a ream of papers with no explanation). We can do this via screen share from the comfort of your home/office, or we can do this face to face in our office.


Step 6

Once we agree everything is ready to be finalized, we will upload your return to our secure client portal where you can review, e-sign, and pay your invoice all at the same time. You will have access to your tax return from anywhere, anytime,should you need it.


Step 7

If you are an estimated tax payer or typically owe taxes with your filling, we will discuss current year payments and strategy as well.

Have a quick question mid year?

We are here all year long and are happy to assist our clients. No invoices for quick questions unlike like most CPA firms. We love our clients and are happy to help!