IRS Problem Solving

More About Our Business Bookkeeping Service

We’re on your team, and want the best results for our clients. I don’t recommend anyone taking on the IRS alone. We have many years and client experience working through all sorts of issues and have had amazing results. Representing our clients before the IRS or state authorities has become a huge passion of ours.

It really is so difficult for your average Joe to get anything accomplished with the IRS and their web of required processes. Because
of our experience and dedication we have learned to navigate strategically through all sorts of IRS issues. Once we take over, you will
not have to communicate with the IRS at all. We make it easy for you. Some of the issues we help our clients with are:

  • Offers in Compromise (Reduced Settlement of tax liabilities)
  • Installment Agreements (Payment Plans)
  • Audit and audit reconsideration representation
  • Past due returns
  • Nasty notice

And much more! Call us for a free consultation (818)889-7285.